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harrie verstappen
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Michelangelo: Lost Marbles Lourdes Fun at the Fair
ouwe wijven
AKA Gurlz
Stereo Photos Curaçao landscapes
Graveyards! Marocco Movie Stills
Gas Station New York
los angeles
Baloney JunkyardsPolska
jamaicaWilly the Stunner
Japan 2006
rust tubs

corbusier - ronchamps
le Corbusier - Ronchamps

South Africa
South Africa
da vinci - blois
Blois castle staircase

Bogotá, Colombia
Bogotá, Colombia

Canada fall colors

Fall Colors
Canada 2008

Chile & Patagonia

aurora animation
Aurora borealis
Tromsø, Norway 2010

USA 2009
California - Oregon - Washington

New Zealand
New Zealand
June 2011

Hong Kong
Hong Kong
September 2011

Kusama Yayoi

Vista Goes DIGITAL!

cactus flower
Plants and Flowers

A brief word about our sponsor: harrie verstappen doesn't like his own name at all, so he has plenty of aliases: Vista, the Global Village Fool, Johnny Rankin and last but not least the well-deserved CyberBore. He has mainly dabbled in photography and movies, sound engineering and some writing. Born in Curaçao, 1940, lives and works there since 1978 after over twenty years in Europe. Married to architect Willy Verstappen, one daughter (1986). More tiresome details here. Working on CD-ROM productions and digitizing old work - but new files keep joining the club faster than I can digitize them.

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