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Hong Kong

We took a month for the trip, so we spent one hour flying back and forth
between Newark and Hong Kong v.v. for every day there. Not counting getting to Miami from Curaçao—and back.
Very much like home: an old colony, not too clean, harbor entrance right through the middle of the city.
And yet, different in many other ways. Just about the same size, there are not 140 thousand but 7 million people living there.

lion and dragon
Lion and Unicorn Dragon

Came back with 12 DVDs full of RAW pictures; a lot but still only about one 35mm film per day's worth.
This time, the stereo/3D images are not segregated from the flatties. They're all arranged as they occur to me...
be prepared for a bumpy ride. Stereo-shots are recognized by the symbols underneath showing the version: Left-Right or Red-Cyan.

Plastic and paper 3D glasses at eBay.
Or Google "red-cyan glasses". Just make sure you get Red-Cyan.
Much better, also for color, is a parallel viewer from Loreo, who have more models.
As for equipment: the Sony A900 with Zeiss 24-70mm and Minolta 75-300mm lenses; plus as soon as the shops opened a Loreo 3D lens was added. It has its little peculiarities. Also the Lumix Panasonic FZ40 which was bought in New Zealand where it was so damp the Sony had to take The Cure; it's pretty damp in Hong Kong as well but there it managed not to fall off the wagon. All in all, well over 5 kilos to shlepp around.
harbor ferry beggar street market

Cape Collinson

Cape Collinson cemetery

Picture Book

more to come
you bet!

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