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From the first Ape Man, taking stick in hand
To draw the Female Genitalia in the sand
... mankind kept strugglingly striving for more realistic illustrations. We first improved the stick and pretty soon learned to add color. Many, many millennia later, perspective was discovered, after which it took a mere five centuries to add motion. Meanwhile, other daring directions were taken in humanity's ongoing quest for the perfect rendering of the Cunt: Sculptors first dabbled in mud, then attacked their subject with chisels and knives. Music was added.
Reproduction continued to explore new paths. Tracing and moulding were perfected until we could print books. The invention of photography lead to motion pictures, video and finally to free porn downloads on the Triple-Double-U.

BUT—except for the sculptor, who could not use motion, or the choreographer, who lacked instant replay—one thing remained sadly lacking. Early efforts were made to achieve it, but, just like the counterpart of man's favorite subject in art, they always came up only to go down again.
However, now that we have Viagra™, another long-time dream may be about to be fulfilled: STEREO-3D is finally lurking just around the corner, to become available to everyone.
As the computer age has, in much less than ten years, succeeded in corrupting the meaning of this term pretty thoroughly, a short explanation is in order. To learn even more, click here. But, nutshell-wise, anaglyph 3D means looking at a subject from two different viewpoints, just like your brain does with your two eyes. This results in depth perception: stereo vision.
I was not kidding about our Quest for the Cunt. There seems to have been an enormous proliferation of pornography among the earliest printed books. The same happened with photography. Look at French postcards or Polaroid™. Video has been popularized for a very large part by pornography; in the beginning, it was almost impossible to get anything but sex movies. We all know about the web. No doubt, once 3D has been made practicable, the first wave of applications will be in sex. Just think about Virtual Reality and computer games.
This may be one reason why I always have been fascinated by stereo-3D. It is so realistic that it is very hard to apply it to still photography: You can't help noticing the lack of movement. I remember View-Master shots with smoke hanging frozen over a fire—the very realism of 3D gave this a weird, dreamlike Sleeping Beauty quality. Be all that as it may, I started experimenting with it at a very early stage. Among the first color photographs I took were 3D shots, taken with a Zeiss Color Pantar stereo adapter and a, much more primitive, Sun adapter. The lack of a proper market brought this to an end.
However, now a real revival of interest in stereo pictures seems to be taking form. After the brief Hollywood spasm in the early 1950s and a much less remembered one in the 1980s, they seem to be getting it all together again. Then, on the internet you can find it all over - even underground strip artist Gilbert Shelton has been playing around with it. Videotapes sporting roller coaster rides and such thrills are available. New techniques promise us good riddance of special glasses and all that. So, naturally, I started fooling around with it again and got me a 3D camera.

My New Stereo Rig
2 cheapo chinese digital cameras, mounted on an aluminum strip
the main problem will be to get them (or rather, me) to fire in synch
had great fun assembling all that stuff - tripod screw prices are out of sane sight these days
with some recycling off the Junk Heap, total cost ~$100

What is so striking about stereo is that, walking around, we hardly notice. But when we see a movie or photograph, the stereo jumps out and grabs our attention. It takes a better psychologist (or maybe even philosopher) than I want to be, to explain this. As usual, I much prefer to go along and EnJoy.

VR scenes
Virtual Reality scenes built with
Internet Space Builder
Parallel Graphics

Escher's Relativity
Escher's Relativity - now in VR

There are several ways you can watch, or, who knows? even enjoy my humble efforts, but you will need some form of 3D viewing gimmick: Green-red, cyan-red or light-dark glasses or a parallel viewer. But you can check out what I have to offer without any of those. Have a look!

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