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I love some strips more than I do others, huh huh. Some of these are listed below.
In order of appearance in my life, as far as I know. That's as good as random; maybe even better?

Wilhelm Busch
creator of Max und Moritz

Marten Toonder
Tom Poes
creator of Tom Poes

The Duck Man
Copyright © 1952 by Walt Dizzy
Carl Barks


Underground Classic

The Belgian cowboy
man & horse

Mad Men
Harvey Kurtzman
Bill Elder

Harvey Kurtzman & Bill Elder

Frenchies strip
La Vie Parisienne
19th century French girlie magazine

freak strips
Gilbert Shelton
Gilbert Shelton

mad strips
MAD Magazine
MAD: The First Two Years

sex strips
tijuana Bible
Books you can read with one hand!

trip strips
Victor Moscoso
Victor Moscoso

The Real Free Press
Real Free Press

Krazy Strips
Krazy Kat
by George Herriman

Dutch strip artist
Joost Swarte
Joost Swarte


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