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Victor Moscoso

flipping stairs

Straight from the Psychedelic 60s
but, judging from what he is doing now, the acid has not burned out much of his brain

In the 1970s he did as far-out things in strips as M.C. Escher before him did in lithographs.
He is still at it.

from Filmmaker's Guide to Super-8, New York 1980.

Cosmic Comics
I once made this into a so-called filmograph

produced for the Real Free Press, Amsterdam

Victor published this ad in Tales from the Berkeley-Con, Vol. II NO.2
a 1974 underground comics convention.
Talk about Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher

The Book

Visit Victor Moscoso's own web site!

Rebel Visions

Patrick Rosenkranz
The Underground Comix Revolution

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Have a look at

Saul Bass: graphic arts in motion



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