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Joost Swarte is not only a very nice guy, he also draws a pretty good strip.

These are from Modern Art, also published in French as l'Art Moderne, published in a very nice production by the Real Free Press. I'm inordinately proud of the fact that Joost signed a copy of both books for me. But I don't have much information on him. He's about my age (born in the 1940s) and, as far as I know, still plodding away even as I am.
He made it to the staff of The New Yorker, a dizzying height I'll never achieve.

Like the rest of us, Joost was heavily influenced by Tintin and it shows!
You have to be quite a craftsman to paraphrase Hergé that well.

The guy on the left is the hero, inspired by Tintin but with a new hairdo.
The other guy looks much more like Kuifje, but here Hergé's Africans get revenged.

It's undenible:
Harvey Kurtzman and Bill Elder have also left their indeliable mark on Joost's gentle soul.
This one is straight out of Goodman Beaver.


Some Stamps!
joost's stamps
A special Service to Our Readers:
As stamps are so small it's not so easy [sic] to read the text,
let alone get the joke. So we have magnified them for your pleasure.
Too bad if you can't read Dutch!

Joost would love the architecture of Patagonia
here's a sample from the Punta Arenas cemetery.

Modern Art should be kept in Modern Architecture, and Joost's looks like that of Rietveld, a pretty famous Dutch architect from the mid 1900s. I could show you photographs of Curaçao end-of-the-20th-century houses almost exactly like that, but won't.
Joost has moved into architecture himself and has designed a theater in the Dutch city of Harlem.

Better keep those designs safely bound between album covers?
If you're a between-the-lines reader—no, I'm not overwhelmed;
except with curiosity how this has turned out.
Mark the cancer sticks and ashtray: In Holland still all over in A.D. 2003


Modern Art copyright © 1980 by
Real Free Press International, Curaçao AN

(that's Me, folks!)

cigarette papers for
the Real Free Press

The Papalagi
a hoax? a jolly good time!

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