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P.G. Wodehouse?
Don't Make Me Laugh! It Just Can't Be Done

Contented Plum Reader
Contented Reader

Wodehouse, in his long life from 1881 (* GB) to 1975 († USA) published so much under so many names in so many publications, it's impossible to track it all down. For example, the poetry, articles and introductions are far from complete. But I will be adding those, too, as I find them.

I'm rather unashamedly proud of this—it beats all the info I have been able to find anywhere. Frankly, that's saying a lot. "But absolutely", and all kidding aside: these are the most complete lists I've ever seen. Customers have been searching for it and we try to oblige. So hey! gimme a break, order through my links!

As these lists just grew and grew and still keep growing, I have split them up in different sections to keep it all manageable.

Many titles are available; these are linked to the cheapest editions I found. No links to rip-off schemes charging like $90 for a copy
(even though I have bought some of those myself).

On the alleged Nazi sympathies of P.G. Wodehouse
a fatuous story that keeps making the rounds.

Articles and Introductions
Lyrics and Poems
Short Stories
Plum on TV

compiling all these lists was a lot of work—so, please remember:
all lists copyright © by Harrie Verstappen

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