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Patagonia is, roughly, the south of South America, consisting of parts of Chile and Argentina.
For some reason, on the Argentina side it extends much farther north than in Chile.
I lumped everything together, including Puerto Montt and the region around it.

Puerto Montt
around Lago Llanquihue - volcanoes - parks
Navimag ferry trip
Puerto Natales
Torres del Paine
El Calafate - Chaltén - Los Glaciares
Punta Arenas
architecture - cemetery - Seno Otway penguins
Strait of Magellán
San Gregorio - Pali Aike
Tierra del Fuego:
East: Argentina
West: Chile
Beagle Channel

wind and roads

shrines and cemeteries

A Guide by Thumbnails

Picture Book

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