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Punta Arenas

Magellán Strait     Magellán     the Strait

Ever since getting into Magellán's first voyage around the globe
I was interested in this place, sitting right there on the Strait.

No disappointment there. A very nice town indeed - but we were there in summer.
Our landlady still kept the gas stove burning night and day; alas, only in the hallway.


They are proud of their trees, which they say are a century old. They look it.
Not all to be sure, as they're still planting them.
trees trees trees trees

Like everywhere in Chile, the dogs are boss
dogs dogs dogs dogs

packs a wallop bambi sea wolves
Gimme a shot! Trash flower! Bambi finally grew up! Sea wolves!

mermaid why a mess whale tail traffic lights
Working mermaid! (get it?) Why a mess! Whale tail! Traffic lights!
explains why whale photographs only show their tails - they tow 'em around to fool tourists

The River
ugh - let's move on

Avenida Bulnes broom blossom stream valley flower valley

Antoine de Saint Exupéry
Antoine de Saint Exupéry was a flyer first, author second
he spent much of his career in South America with Air France and its subisidiaries
here a childrens' playground named after him

Around and about the Strait to the west
boats ashore boat ashore boats ashore Lord Lonsdale

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