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Below thumbnails of some stereo photographs. More will follow. Much to my deep-felt sorrow,
they are in a vertical format, which just doesn't make it. Maybe later, huh? (Much later...)
Just keep in mind that most of these look like nothing in a "flat" thumbnail—they really have been made for stereo!
Please make sure your monitor is set for 1024x768 pixels definition.

The stereo pictures come in three formats to be viewed in different ways:-

parallel     interlaced     red-cyan
Some people can, with some training, look at these without any glasses. Just look at them for a while and try to make them merge. It may help to hold a piece of black cardboard between your eyes. Best is to use a stereo viewer. They are available very cheaply from Loreo and really give great results.Good system. As it works fine for television (where it already has been around) you may see more of it in the future. Have a look at Asus cards, available from Computer Gate. But they are not the only ones around you can use. As for now, I can't check the results myself, so please .
It was good enough for early Technicolor and it's still good enough. But admittedly, you do lose some color here. Make your own glasses with some red and cyan cellophane (it's easy!); or order them from Ted Pella, or Berezon. They're all cheap, 10 for about $5.

In yet another system you look at the pictures "cross-eyed". This is far from ideal and often results in headaches when the pictures have not been switched. Sony, in its great wisdom, seems to have evolved a system that works exactly like that! Anyway, if you can do that, go ahead and use the parallel pairs: Amazingly, when you reverse L and R your brain does process a correct stereo image from them. Many interesting remarks can be made on the Red-Cyan process as well.

Cheap paper ones or slightly more expensive plastic glasses; try eBay.
Or Google "red-cyan glasses". Just make sure you get Red-Cyan.
Much better, also for color, is a parallel viewer from Loreo, who have more models.

The stereo pairs were processed with StereoPhotoMaker

but since then, I switched to Anaglyph Maker
(the guys's much more of a maniac than I am, but he makes very good stereo pictures)

To load the stereo pair your system can handle, just click on the correct icon under the thumbnail. Enjoy!







more stereo photo galleries












red trunk

Valparaíso, Chile
Ascensores, Valparaíso
Zuid Afrika
Baviaanskloof, South Africa
bogota, colombia
Cementerio Central, Bogotá

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