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reflections in a gloating eye
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Park Clingendael


Fooling around with Arras (he of Cosmic Comics' music) and the Calumet 4"x5" view camera
in Park Clingendael, den Haag. It's justly famous for the Japanese garden.

This is where photography is really at. Or was. For some. One thing I hate about most digital cameras,
everybody can look over your shoulder and see what you're doing. For a black cloth discreetly to withdraw in...
But I admit, they're much easier to work than view cameras—once you get the hang (who needs all those menus.) Except for the time delay when you've pressed the release button. Horrible.

I have always used reflex cameras anyway, huh huh.
The two below are a rare occasion where the ground glass gave no upside down view.
Have a good look at them or you won't get the idea. You won't need reminding me
nor mind me remarking that I have been looking at M.C. Escher's stuff. But he never thought of these.

coral mouth
dark moat, black mood
In a Coral MouthIn a Moat, Darkly

Later, I tried for even heavier effects in 3D.

3d mirror

mirror window

Vancouver reflections

(more reflections)

New York reflections

more photographs
by harrie verstappen

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