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aurora borealis animation

Aurora borealis
Northern light
Tromsø, Norway

Newark Airport
Newark light
Don't want to bore you, but this was a horrible flight. En route CUR-MIA, AA canceled our connecting flight - without telling us, but of course!
We tried other flights, all full, and re-booking for next day Continental Newark-Oslo ($2000 extra). Finally just used the vouchers, staid over.
In Newark, Continental just changed the booking without any further ado.
The trip Curaçao-Europe took as long as in the Constellation days of yore.

Just what grabbed the eyeball. Place is pretty cold! but could be worse...
You want to see the city, go there.
Pronounced 'Tromsuh' AKA "The Paris of the North".
That's pushing it quite a bit; it's even smaller than Willemstad, our home base.
One thing that I never saw before: traffic tunnels with roundabouts
witches' brooms lighthouse school icicles
car icicle car icicle car icicle
snow snow snow
icicles icicles airco

Island to the West.
snow mist mountain
We ran into a young... well, adolescent... blizzard there and fled back.
(hurry from the slurry-flurry—so surry... can't help it.)
snow harbor lighthouse snow harbor
bus stop and snowplow blade lighthouse
icicle rock iccicle rock ice fall
winter wonderland winter wonderland

Svensby - Lyngen
Peninsula to the East
the pause that refreshes

Our friend Rolf made a tour along the Norway coast and got absolutely bored to sickness with the beautiful scenery.
One beautiful scenery after the other, I mean to say. Well, here's some. Enjoy! as they say.

Svensby ferry panorama
snow mountain on ferry fjord
sun valley stone rim light
fjord clouds stone fjord clouds

Aurora borealis
Northern Lights

click here to see the slide show

Don't want to brag, really! I have seen better Aurora pictures, but mostly much worse.
And these were made in like two hours the last-before-one night we were there
luck counts heavily in photography

To Snow and Back
Oslo City Snow

Oh, the pollution! (but what do you want after months of winter)-
Do you see any Poop? Ah rest me case, me Lud.

oslo snow oslo art snow

oslo art snow
don't forget to stand up in time

And finally, almost back home in the Terrific Tasteless Tropics:
Miami Hotel Room
miami hotel art
but who devises this sort of thing? Now, really!
As Wodehouse says, this is not just God's punishment for our misdeeds, no...
somebody actually, purposefully, produces these &*%$#$!

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