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los angeles

downtown LA
As the taxi driver said, pointing out of the window at totally deserted night-time streets
This is downtown. Nothing to do there.

AirTran gave us a horrible ride there; cramped to the point that there was no room for my knees, and chock-full. In all fairness, not everybody agrees with me. Then, those 737s are so noisy! And I still suspect that's when I picked up the bugs that ruined at the least two precious days in Tokyo.
We arrived in a downpour, pretty rare. Result was the air was cleaner than you always read about. We got sore throats anyway, one more reason to suspect that AirTran ride. Anyway, we enjoyed some marvelous sights of far-away mountains that the natives hardly ever get to see.
We walked a lot. Suspicious, that. Also, as we heard a guy remark A block here is like ten blocks. And it is a kind of weird compliment, coming from hillbilly island, to have that same cab driver ask Whe're you guys from? New York?

see the mountains

We didn't do much there. Went to Japan town to buy a Japan Rail Pass. Walked through L.A. to see how government money is grandly wasted by happy crazy architects. Looked up the airport bus connection - for which a fair guess is that the tax payers spend more on it than the passengers do. Went to Chinatown to eat. A disappointment - not the food, the town. New York's Canal Street and surroundings is much more alive; this one looks more like a specifically designed and built tourist trap, almost a Hollywood set, than like anything else.

downtown los angeles
Chavez Avenue
can't get away from that guy
downtown los angeles
church station
It's a church!
church station church station
No, it's a station!
Chinatown Chinatown Chinatown
Chinatown Chinatown dragons Chinatown







ours is better


full of them
this, we don't have

Picture Book

at the airport

lots of luck
they may decide before leaving?

smokers' ghetto
smokers' ghetto

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