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We had planned going there for a long time. Say, since the Kurosawa movies and the Kusama sessions.
One of those things that kept being postponed. But the aftermath of the 9/11 Attack on New York started us thinking a bit,
mainly because, for a while, the bottom dropped out of airline ticket prices.

That didn't last long enough; another consideration was the simple fact that Tokyo is the most expensive city in the world. Besides, one shrinks back from spending 22 hours or so on a non-stop flight Boston-Tokyo, no matter how low the price. Even now, go figure: we paid more for an AA ticket Curaçao-Miami than for the Korean Air LA-Tokyo (over 4 times flying time).
Enough mit der gekvetsching about all that, already.

So what gives?

hints and tips
Masked Monskirs

The West Coast
rocks and sea

The Japanese Alps


blossom on sidewalk
Castle and Gardens
castlelantern and blossom

The East Coast
wave in rock


cliché crowd
Kawasaki - Otsuka - Shinjuku
kawasakinight streetstandard shot
Hamarikyu Park
rock and pond

seaside cemetery

On the Road

Fukushima Park Cherry Blossoms - Geibikei Gorge
pink on whitegorgeous

Lanterns & Temples

Sendai Cherry Festival

cherry feast

Picture Book

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