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Some people let me know they don't understand why they've never run across my name before. Thank you, kind persons. But the reason is easy: to become a distinguished name in anything at all, you need to develop a recognizable style. Then, you keep to it and get yourself in a rut.

Well, the problem is (apart from the possibility that my work is just no good), my style is totally unrecognizable. I myself often have had trouble recognizing a photograph as my own. This is because I try to make you forget you're looking at a photograph -
I want you to look at the subject, not at a blasted picture of it.
That always gets my preference: That's my style!

Which really means, of course, I have no style of my own, because I purposely forego it. And, in consequence, etcetera.
Let's get on with the bloodily blasted photographs, already:-
more pictures than you could shake a lens at:
Picture Book

(It was rather heartening to read Kurosawa on this subject: Style? I have no style!
He was wrong, and also rather more successful - still, at least, I never even thought of cutting my wrists.)

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