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Since rightist dictator and murderer Pinochet, who had replaced leftist dictator Allende, was removed in his turn,
things have been looking up for Chile. It may now be called the most advanced country in all Latin America
(even if it's rather backwards compared with Suid Afrika.)
Of course, capital Santiago de Chile is a showcase.

Santiago was a stop on our way to Puerto Montt (by bus) from where we took a ferry to Puerto Natales as the start of our Patagonia exploration. By a rare stroke of luck, I'd managed to book lodgings in the old-town Bellavista neighborhood. Surrounded by mountains, the city is smog-bound. Sprawls out with little plan or system in sight.

Follow the tour:
Santa Lucia - Chermans in Gile - Not a Graveyard
Bellavista - About Town - Flowery Surprise - Fountains of Light

Santa Lucia
sa lucia

A rocky wart sticking out of the city center, turned into a park.
The Chermans in Gile

There's a lot of Germans in South America, and Chile is no exception.
They left their mark.

Not a Graveyard

Neither are these real animitas, expressing thanks:
"Gracias por el favor concedido."

Flowery Surprise

a market for wreaths

Fountains of Light

and other delights

Bellavista: Nice and Old
A crummy old neighborhood that has been rediscovered
now undergoing a face-lift

About Town
plaza de armas
Plaza de Armas, where people gather on sunny Sunday afternoons.


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