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William Hanna and Joseph Barbera
Metro-Goldwyn Mayer

The Golden Years: 1939-1959
An audible cheer went up in the audience when they came on. - Ira Landgarten

Complete list

When Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer needed a head for their animation department, they gave the job to Fred Quimby, an accountant who did not know a thing about animation. Maybe luckily so, as he let Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera do their thing, only taking care of the logistics. This resulted in the most satisfying series of cartoons ever made. (I know about guys like Chuck Jones, Tex Avery, Walt Disney and many great others. But, after all, HB cartoons did get awarded with 7 Oscars; one per every three MGM years.)

obligatory clowning-around publicity still

Rumor has it Quimby totally lacked any sense of humor, but I doubt if such a human being could exist. No matter. Under his leadership, many good solid cartoon characters were developed like Barney Bear and Droopy Dog. Characters like Spike & Tyke and Little Quacker made their debut in Tom and Jerry, but grew so popular they went on as stars in their own series. Too bad so few of Preston Blair's Screwball Squirrel cartoons have been made.

Un-cute Skwoil

When MGM closed down their cartoon department by 1959, Hanna-Barbera developed a new animation technique for television. They had a lot of trouble finding an interested studio; MGM turned them down as well. Finally they ended up at Columbia and started turning out weekly half-hour shows like Huckleberry Hound and Yogi Bear. Even though there hardly was any color television around, they shot all their shows in color anyway, so they could re-release them as brand new some years later. (All of these are now available on DVD - who's that said farsighted?.) They finally hit on The Flintstones and the rest is another history.
Within a few years, MGM started turning out Tom and Jerry cartoons again, but they are really not that fine. At all. Which also goes for those Hanna-Barbera themselves directed for MGM later.

Hanna-Barbera and Associates

The time for this swinging kind of animation had irrevocably passed. Like stained-glass windows came with religion, the art of animation really belonged to the epoch of frame-by-frame making of motion pictures. Sure, you can record those frames on a video-tape or a hard drive, but that special close physical interaction between technique and creativity is lacking, and it shows. Now, there is more animation around then ever, but who cares? The Disney feature animation studio (in Orlando, Florida - no kidding) was closed in January 12 2004.

Just a hint: Oxberry animation compound
I can hardly believe now that my good friend Paul Walboom and I once home-built a working thing like that.

The best thing about Tom and Jerry is that there's hardly any dialogue: No cute talking animals, these. Such texts as are needed come out of radios and such or are delivered by humans sticking their heads out of the screen. This also is a pretty sure-fire way to recognize the originals from the ersatz that followed later: The characters became much more chatty. Before then, Tom's agonized shrieks were supplied by Bill Hanna.

"Plunk, Toot and Whistle"

American cartoons always were the best in the world, for a large part because of their sound-tracks. Apart from the great sound effects, taken care of by Jim Faris, Scott Bradley's music was among the best in the industry. You have to know that, before you start animating at all, the music has been written, recorded, and worked out to cue sheets. All animation timing thus depends on the music. For animation, MGM went in for pretty luxurious spending: Their orchestra consisted of 16 to 30 musicians, sometimes expanded to 45.

Scott Bradley

This is not a history page.
For that, buy T.R. Adams' book TOM AND JERRY: Fifty Years of Cat and MouseAmazon.usa
It's good, even if there are some inconsistencies.

Preston Blair book

This is not a course in animation, either.
For that, buy Preston Blair's book CARTOON ANIMATION Amazon.usa It's even better!
I got a CD-ROM version with a graphics tablet from Computer Gate. Such a nice surprise.
The Animator's Survival Kit
A Manual of Methods, Principles, and Formulas for Classical, Computer, Games, Stop Motion, and Internet Animators

by Richard Williams
A much more modern book. One recommendation given for it is that it covers dialogue much better than Preston Blair does.
You know, I liked the old cartoons for being pure ballet, and detest that incessant chatting going on all the time now. Uugh.
(But don't you mind just me)


original versions
complete and unexpurgated

of 140 Academy Format Tom and Jerry cartoons listed below.
Best of all, this 3-DVD set contains all the incorrect jokes cut from other versions.
Get 'em now! In the UK, Tom may not even smoke any more. Where will this foolishness stop?
Give in to that blackmail and you will end up with a characterless character - like Lucky Luke.

good quality copies - all regions - US$50
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Frankly, I do not even know, nor do I care much, if these are legal or not. As long as MGM does not take the trouble to release them themselves, I am quite prepared to defend this act, and will stop as soon as conditions change.

Warner Bros have released another set—alas, not complete:
The Spotlight Collection (two volumes)
These have, alas, been corrected for correctness,
but as far as I know they do show the movies in their original aspect ratio.
On Volume 1 also several hard-to-get items like the Gene Kelly and Esther Williams sequences.

Spotlight collection 1

Tom And Jerry: Spotlight Collection
The Premiere Volume DVD
They've been playing cat-and-mouse games for over 60 years, picking up millions of fans and seven Academy Awards along the way.
Follow the onscreen evolution of Tom (did you know he was originally called Jasper?) and Jerry in this two-disc set featuring 40 of their funniest cartoons,
including "The Zoot Cat," Solid Serenade," "Kitty Foiled," "Heavenly Puss," "Touche Pussy Cat," and more. 5 1/2 hrs. total.
Standard: Soundtrack: English mono; Subtitles: English, French, Spanish; audio commentary on selected shorts; documentaries; bonus footage; more.

Spotlight collection 2

Tom And Jerry: Spotlight Collection
Volume 2 DVD
Thirty-eight more classic cartoons featuring the dueling duo are collected in this two-disc set. Includes "Saturday Evening Puss," "The Night Before Christmas," "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Mouse," "The Midnight Snack," their first short "Puss Gets the Boot," and many more. 5 1/3 hrs. total. Standard; Soundtracks: English Dolby Digital mono, Spanish Dolby Digital mono; Subtitles: English, French, Spanish; audio commentary on selected episodes; "making of" documentary; featurettes; more.

Tom And Jerry: Spotlight Collection, Vols. 1 & 2 DVD

Tom And Jerry's Greatest Chases DVD Amazon.usa
Yankee Doodle Mouse, Zoot Cat, Tee for Two, Mouse in Manhattan,
Solid Serenade (featuring Tom's rendition of  "Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby?"),
Johann Mouse, Salt Water Tabby, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse, Cat Concerto, Jerry's Diary
plus the "Worry Song" from Anchors Aweigh with Gene Kelly & Jerry Mouse.
89 min.

Tom And Jerry: Whiskers Away! DVD Amazon.usa
Million Dollar Cat, Cat Fishin', Cat and the Mermouse, Texas Tom,
Tom and Jerry at the Hollywood Bowl, Cruise Cat, The Two Mousketeers,
Neapolitan Mouse, Posse Cat, Mucho Mouse.
74 min.

=Tom And Jerry: Hijinks And Shrieks DVD Amazon.usa
The animated antagonists have their paws full in this collection of Tom and Jerry's most thrilling cartoon capers, including "The Flying Cat," "The Missing Mouse," "Two Little Indians," "Touche Pussy Cat," "The Flying Sorceress," "Is There a Doctor in the Mouse?," and "The Haunted Mouse." 45 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono; biographies; trailers; more.

Joseph Barbera, Gene Kelly, Bill Hanna
Joseph Barbera, Gene Kelly and Bill Hanna

Human being?
Even Adolf Hitler had his moments of humor: When watching a teutonic ritual SS ceremony, he remarked sotto voce
"It will never replace Christmas".


strips books music
Tom and Jerry also made appearances (and not cameo, either) with stars
like Gene Kelly and Esther Williams.

Anchors Aweigh (1945) and Dangerous When Wet (1953)

For more complete credits than given below, check Adams' book.
Around 1954, Quimby retired and Hanna-Barbera took over production;
format changed from Academy to CinemaScope in Pet Peeve, 1954.
Release dates are not necessarily in order of production.

Complete list of all early Hanna-Barbera Tom and Jerry cartoons.

titleyearlength  DVD-#
Puss Gets the Boot19409'15"1-1
The Midnight Snack19418'15"1-2
The Night Before Christmas19418'15"1-3
Fraidy Cat19428'11"1-4
Dog Trouble19427'57"1-5introduces Spike (as Butch)
Puss 'n' Toots19427'48"1-6
The Bowling-Alley Cat19428'00"1-7
Fine Feathered Friend19427'43"1-8
Sufferin' Cats19437'50"1-9introduces Meathead
The Lonesome Mouse19438'07"1-10
The Yankee Doodle Mouse19437'23"1-11Oscar award
Baby Puss19437'51"1-12
The Zoot Cat19447'04"1-13
The Million Dollar Cat19447'10"1-14
The Bodyguard19447'21"2-1
Puttin' on the Dog19447'02"2-2
Mouse Trouble19447'21"2-3Oscar award
The Mouse Comes to Dinner19457'18"2-4
Mouse in Manhattan19458'06"2-5
Tee for Two19457'00"2-6
Flirty Birdy19457'13"2-7
Quiet Please19457'43"2-8Oscar award
Springtime for Thomas19467'37"2-9
The Milky Waif19467'58"2-10introduces Nibbles
Trap Happy19467'08"2-11
Solid Serenade19467'21"2-12
Cat Fishin'19477'54"2-13
Part Time Pal19477'50"2-14
The Cat Concerto19477'49"2-15Oscar award
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse19477'24"2-16
Salt Water Tabby19477'16"3-1
A Mouse in the House19477'49"3-2
The Invisible Mouse19478'42"3-3
Kitty Foiled19487'20"3-4
The Truce Hurts19487'59"3-5
Old Rockin' Chair Tom19487'39"3-6
Professor Tom19487'47"3-7
Mouse Cleaning19487'23"3-8
Polka Dot Puss19487'38"3-9(no relation)
The Little Orphan19497'50"3-102 Oscar awards (1948)
Hatch Up Your Troubles19497'50"3-11
Heavenly Puss19497'48"3-12
The Cat and the Mermouse19497'49"3-13
Love That Pup19497'55"3-14introduces Tyke (as Pup)
Jerry's Diary19496'43"4-1
Tennis Chumps19496'49"4-2
Little Quacker19507'07"4-3introduces Quacker
Saturday Evening Puss19506'18"4-4
Texas Tom19506'34"4-5
Jerry and the Lion19507'13"4-6
Safety Second19507'07"4-7
Tom and Jerry in the Hollywood Bowl19507'22"4-8
The Framed Cat19507'11"4-9
Cue Ball Cat19507'02"4-10
Casanova Cat19517'04"4-11
Jerry and the Goldfish19517'21"4-12
Jerry's Cousin19516'39"4-13
Sleepy-Time Tom19517'05"4-14
His Mouse Friday19517'11"4-15
Slicked-Up Pup19516'19"4-16
Nit-Witty Kitty19516'33"5-1
Cat Napping19516'52"5-2
The Flying Cat19526'44"5-3
The Duck Doctor19527'03"5-4
The Two Mouseketeers19527'21"5-5Nibbles becomes Tuffy; Oscar award
Smitten Kitten19527'49"5-6
Triplet Trouble19527'09"5-7
Little Runaway19527'04"5-8
Fit to Be Tied19526'49"5-9
Push-Button Kitty19526'33"5-10
Cruise Cat19527'02"5-11
The Dog House19526'39"5-12
Jerry and Jumbo19537'13"5-13
The Missing Mouse19536'33"5-14
Johann Mouse19537'57"5-15Oscar award
That's My Pup19537'23"5-16
Just Ducky19537'57"*
Two Little Indians19536'49"6-1
Life with Tom19537'49"6-2
Puppy Tale19547'03"6-3
Posse Cat19546'28"6-4
Hic-cup Pup19546'17"6-5
Little School Mouse19547'50"6-6
Baby Butch19547'09"6-7
Mice Follies19546'49"6-8
Neapolitan Mouse19547'15"6-9
Downhearted Duckling19546'42"6-10
Pet Peeve19546'35"6-11
Touche, Pussy Cat19546'45"6-12
Southbound Duckling19556'15"6-13
Pup on a Picnic19557'04"6-14
Mouse for Sale19556'48"6-15
Designs on Jerry19556'46"6-16
Titles below produced in CinemaScope
Tom and Cherie19556'19"8-9
Smarty Cat19556'50"7-9
Pecos Pest19536'35"8-7
That's My Mommy19556'03"8-1
The Flying Sorceress19566'40"7-8
The Egg and Jerry19567'50"*remake of Hatch Up Your Troubles, 1949
Busy Buddies19566'15"*
Muscle Beach Tom19566'45"10-9
Downbeat Bear19566'22"7-3
Blue Cat Blues19566'48"8-3
Barbecue Brawl19566'34"8-8
Tops with Pops19577'55"*remake of Love That Pup, 1949
Timid Tabby19576'49"7-1
Feedin' the Kiddie19567'40"*remake of The Little Orphan, 1949
Mucho Mouse19577'04"8-2
Tom's Photo Finish19576'19"*
Happy Go Ducky19586'24"*
Royal Cat Nap19586'45"*
The Vanishing Duck19587'04"9-8last Quacker
Robin Hoodwinked19586'15"10-8
Tot Watchers19586'28"7-7

Following titles produced later:1961-1962Gene Deitch
1963-1967Chuck Jones
1965-1967Abe Levitow
Jack Pabian
Tom Ray
Ben Washam

Switchin' Kitten19618'40"*Gene Deitch
Down and Outing19616'49"*Gene Deitch
It's Greek to Me-Ow19616'46"*Gene Deitch
High Steaks19626'21"*Gene Deitch
Mouse into Space19626'34"*Gene Deitch
Landing Stripling19626'18"*Gene Deitch
Calypso Cat19627'50"*Gene Deitch
Dicky Moe19627'05"*Gene Deitch
The Tom and Jerry Cartoon Kit19626'28"*Gene Deitch
Tall in the Trap19627'49"*Gene Deitch
Sorry Safari19627'17"*Gene Deitch
Buddies Thicker than Water19628'58"*Gene Deitch
Carmen Get It!19627'38"*Gene Deitch
Penthouse Mouse19637'08"10-3Chuck Jones
The Cat Above and the Mouse Below19646'27"7-11Chuck Jones
Is There a Doctor in the Mouse?19647'13"7-4Chuck Jones
Much Ado About Mousing19646'38"10-2Chuck Jones
Snowbody Loves Me19646'38"7-5Chuck Jones
The Unshrinkable Jerry Mouse19646'45"10-3Chuck Jones
Ah, Sweet Mouse-Story of Life19656'45"*Chuck Jones
Tom-Ic Energy19656'40"8-4Chuck Jones
Bad Day at Cat Rock19656'15"8-5Chuck Jones
The Brothers Carry-Mouse-Off19656'27"8-6Jack Pabian
Haunted Mouse19656'49"9-2Chuck Jones
I'm Just Wild About Jerry19656'39"8-10Chuck Jones
Of Feline Bondage19656'17"8-11Chuck Jones
The Year of the Mouse19657'23"8-12Chuck Jones
The Cat's Me-Ouch19656'14"9-7Chuck Jones
Duel Personality19666'09""7-6Chuck Jones
Jerry, Jerry, Quite Contrary19667'17"9-5Chuck Jones
Jerry Go-Round19656'22"*Chuck Jones
Love Me, Love My Mouse19666'34"9-4Chuck Jones
Puss N Boats19666'39"9-1Abe Levitow
Filet Meow19676'15"9-10Abe Levitow
Matinee Mouse19666"07"10-11Tom Ray
The A-Tom-Inable Snowman19676'39"9-6Abe Levitow
Catty Cornered19666'18"9-11Abe Levitow
Cat and Dupli-Cat19676'45"9-12Chuck Jones
O-Solar-Meow19676'46"10-4Abe Levitow
Guided Mouse-Ille19676'45"7-10Abe Levitow
Rock 'n' Rodent19676'22"10-5Abe Levitow
Cannery Rodent19676'22"10-6Chuck Jones
The Mouse from H.U.N.G.E.R.19676'47"9-3Chuck Jones
Surf-Bored Cat19676'38"10-1Abe Levitow
Shutter Bugged Cat19676'48"*Tom Ray
Advance and Be Mechanized19676'33"10-12Ben Washam
Purr-Chance to Dream19676'05"10-10Ben Washam
* (these titles not on DVD - back)

still more

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