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A Note on Paying
PayPal does not allow payments
to residents of the Netherlands Antilles.
Please use MoneyBookers or send me an e-mail.
Sorry! Can't help it.
It is pretty safe to buy copies here, for some good reasons.

I can understand your possible distrust against buying from an obscure outfit like this. I have been burned too often myself, for example, buying from eBay - so often that I won't buy there any more. Naturally, I see no future in offering my stuff there myself. Update: I must admit eBay and PayPal both since have done a lot to clean up their acts, and I don';t hesitate using their services anymore. Fair's fair.

On the other hand, well-known reliable outfits like Amazon do not offer the very best deals. Agreed, you can buy there with real confidence: you will get your stuff; if it doesn't meet your expectations, you can return it and you will get your money back. But you can often get better deals elsewhere, and especially shipping costs outside the USA can be really high.

Let me spell it out for you:

you pay via

This is highly secure, as long as you transfer money from your regular credit card account to one of my accounts.
The much-touted PayPal secure buyer protection really doesn't mean a thing when a seller doesn't deliver; but your credit card does offer that protection. Sorry, but, come right down to the Ugly Truth, it really is not worth it for me to pay a high amount for a credit card merchant account. This is not a high-volume retail outlet by any means, nor do I want to turn it into one (my interests lie elsewhere).

You can confidently expect your package to arrive in less than three weeks. This means you have ample time to reverse charges on your credit card; you have two months to claim. It does properly burden me, the seller, not you, the buyer, with the responsibility.

Copy Quality

The way things are, the copies we offer may not always be the very best; sometimes the only way I can offer any at all. Also, some people prefer a cheaper copy to a really top-notch one at ten times the price (which, as long as they carry them, you can always get via Amazon - just follow our links). We try to give a reasonable estimate of what to expect: I check all those things myself to judge the quality. Downright bad goes OUUT.

Any more questions? I'll gladly answer -
just .


You may feel you are better protected buying there. This may be true, as long as you live in the USA and are confident the goods will be delivered within 60 days. For those of us outside, their so-called protection just doesn't mean a thing; e-Bay will leave you in the lurch. That's not hard to understand - there's nothing they really can do about it. Even if they wanted to, which does seem pretty doubtful.

This apart from the fact that much of the merchandise offered there is obviously stolen or illegal:
many of those vendors are just not reliable—forget about all those green stars right now.

I make every effort to guarantee that these copies are

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