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famous, huh?
Telepathy again. But the guy needs a small antenna, like a hearing aid for ESP.
How utterly ridiculous.
The reference to COMET magazine is in honor of Bres Planète, a European B.S. magazine that would publish everything as the Truth, as long as it was unbelievable enough. They had little trouble finding subscribers or authors. Dutch writer Simon Vinkenoog ("the unbaked string of dough" as another Dutchman, Jan Cremer, used to call him) went around bragging that his stuff was published in there. But it must have been for the Honor, I'm sure Bres Planète didn't pay very well.
Oh yeah, the accent. I can't really do the accent in English. But I took a line through Milt Gross' Nize Baby.

Would you think so?
A reference to von Dänikens Chariots of the Gods?!
Well, just like BRES PLANÈTE, at least that's so old-hat by now I don't have to ridicule it anymore.
But back then, people went mad and beat you up if you didn't go for that nonsense.
Some still go for UFOs though, see below. Or they will burn you at the stake for not believing in gott.

Hergé believed in UFO's
My, he was as smart as Steven Spielberg!
Lots of other people do, but often not so seriously.
Lots of others don't.

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We Found a Real UFO!

Real UFO
stranded near Baloney, Italy
(Copyright by Verstappen)

and even one in actual flight

Real UFO
no fake: Vought V173 Pancake


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