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Hugo Metsers — Willeke van Ammelrooij
Andrea Domburg
Pim de la Parra — Helmert Woudenberg

Wim Verstappen, 1976

After years of playing in sex-movies together,
Willeke and Hugo get decently married here

Sitting here and scanning/processing this set (what a drag, anyway), I was really amazed at the quality of it. Really my best set. Well, maybe. Wim Verstappen directed, Marc Felperlaan did 16mm camera, Fred Petri light. I had this thing going with Fred and Marc pretty much let us build the light we wished. The nicest cameraman I ever worked with - and no fool, he. Anyway, I think it shows.
Wim, or so we all thought, did not have too much interest in directing this one and so we set out to inspire him. Succeeding pretty well, sometimes. At one point he walked onto a set, saw the light and remarked: "Next time, we'll go 35mm again".
The film was a comedy and I think much better than the critics denounced it to be.
It flopped, too; which it did not deserve. Can't win 'em all.
Because I kept flying up and down between Holland and Curaçao in those years, we judged it would be safer to go back to using Ektachrome for the stills, as any lab could take it from there. As it turned out, I made the internegatives myself anyway, and the lab chief called me and complained about them. So I went over to him with the Ektachrome prints they had made from the original slides. He looked them over and capitulated, saying "You're right - the new prints are better".

We made three films in a row that one summer and it turned into factory work. I flew out the late afternoon of the last shooting day, arriving on Curaçao like a zombie.

Wim en Harrie on set
Two brothers plus (to the right) Marc Felperlaan
with the Rittreck snugly nestled in my hand
Photo, I guess, Fred Petri











Two more of the original slides to show off the original quality


Below scans of some original Ektachrome prints.
They have kept better than the Ektacolor above, but still are of lower quality. Very contrasty.


02 03

05 06

08 09

11 12

14 15

17 18

Enjoying old age together in a bejaardentehuis
(waste-bin for elderly people)
Make-up man Ulli Ullrich told me not to get too close.

Funny story: Actress Andrea Domburg, also in VD, a really great actress, like all of us had her peculiarities. One of which was, she always wanted Evian mineral water around; so Frans Rasker took care there was. We never had any trouble with her; to the contrary, we all liked her as a very nice person.
Now, Andrea had just been working for Rob Houwer's Soldaat van Oranje/Soldier of Orange, and a good guess is she enjoyed working for him just about as much as I did. At least, she seems to have been a powerful nuisance there. So much that, when a guy working on the same Houwer production had to deliver something on our set and heard that Andrea was around, he almost shit his pants and took off in desperate flight.

Director - Wim Verstappen
screenplay - Charles Gormley/Wim Verstappen
camera - Marc Felperlaan
sound - Kees Linthorst
light - Fred Petri
make-up - Luc de Visser/Ulli Ullrich/Ton van de Heuvel
hair - Loek Limburg
stills - Harrie Verstappen
art direction - Inge van Santen Kolff
editor - Rob van Steensel/assistant Nel Kroonbergs
mixing - Peter Vink, Cinetone
titles - National Screen Service
laboratory - Technicolor
production secretary - Guusje Prent
production assistants - Remmelt Remmelts/Ninke Grünfeld    
production manager - Frans Rasker
assistant director - Olga Madsen
production - Pim de la Parra Jr.
$corpio Films, 1975, 90 minutes
Willeke van Ammelrooy
Hugo Metsers
Andrea Domburg
Helmert Woudenberg
Pim de la Parra Jr.
Olga Zuiderhoek
Henk Votel - Siem Vroom
Kika Mol - Jerôme Reehuis
Peter Faber - Bob Verstraete
Jan van Royen - Jacques Fortuné
Mady Alfredo - Marja de Heer
Remmelt Remmelts - Tim Beekman
Cor Meyer - Henk Uterwijk
Johan te Slaa - Cees van Oyen


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