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Casares, Spain

Estepona, España 1969

Casares is pretty old, and so must be its graveyard.
The village was already around in Roman times: The name is derived from Julius Caesar's,
who used it as a handy observation post from which you could watch both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.
This is one of those places where respect for the dead is not an empty phrase.
The graveyard is on top of the hill—normally reserved for the rich to live.

As space is at a premium here, the graves are stacked like cells in a bee hive.
Most graveyards recycle at least some of the space available and keep the bones in an ossuary.
Comparing the number of graves with the cemetery's age, that can only be the case here, as well.
Even so, it has overflown the original boundaries.

Casares graveyardCasares graveyardCasares graveyard
Casares graveyardCasares graveyardCasares graveyard

Casares grows right out of the mountains to culminate in the necropolis
Casares graveyardCasares graveyard
Casares graveyard

the living Casares
Casares graveyard
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