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Year Studio Title Length
reels/ ' min

1914    KeystoneMaking a Living1Henry Lehrman
Kid Auto Races at VenicesplitHenry Lehrman
A Thief Catcher1Mack Sennett
Mabel's Strange Predicament1Mack Sennett/Henry Lehrman
Between Showers1Henry Lehrman
A Film Johnnie1Mack Sennett
Tango Tangles1Mack Sennett
His Favorite Pastime1George Nichols
Cruel, Cruel Love1Mack Sennett
The Star Boarder1Mack Sennett
Mabel at the Wheel2Mack Sennett/Mabel Normand
Twenty Minutes of Love1Mack Sennett
Caught in a Cabaret2Mabel Normand/Charles Chaplin
Caught in the Rain1Charles Chaplin
A Busy DaysplitCharles Chaplin
The Fatal Mallet1Charles Chaplin/Mabel Normand/Mack Sennett
Her Friend the Bandit1Charles Chaplin/Mabel Normand
The Knockout2Mack Sennett
Mabel's Busy Day1Mabel Normand/Charles Chaplin
Mabel's Married Life1Mabel Normand/Charles Chaplin
all below directed by
Charles Chaplin
Laughing Gas1
The Property Man2
The Face on the Barroom Floor1
The Masquerader1
His New Profession1
The Rounders1
The New Janitor1
Those Love Pangs1
Dough and Dynamite2
Gentlemen of Nerve2
His Musical Career1
His Trysting Place1
Tillie's Punctured Romance6
Getting Acquainted1
His Prehistoric Past2
Mack Sennett
Mack Sennett
1915EssanayHis New Job2
A Night Out2
The Champion2
In the Park2
A Jitney Elopement2
The Tramp2
By the Sea1
A Woman2
The Bank2
His Regeneration2
A Night in the Show2
Charlie Chaplin's Burlesque on Carmen4additional footage by Essanay
Triple Trouble2with Leo White
1916MutualThe Floorwalker
The Fireman2
The Vagabond2
One A.M.
The Count2
The Pawnshop2
Behind the Screen2
The Rink2
1917Easy Street2
The Cure2
The Immigrant2
The Adventurer2
1918First NationalA Dog's Life3
Liberty Loan Commitee    The Bond½
First NationalShoulder Arms3
1919First NationalSunnyside
also on The Chaplin Revue
1919First NationalCharlie the Barber-
1919First NationalThe Professor-
1919First NationalA Day's Pleasure
also on The Chaplin Revue
1921First NationalThe Kid6
1921First NationalThe Idle Class2
1922First NationalPay Day2
1923First NationalThe Pilgrim4
1923United ArtistsA Woman of Paris8
the Gold Rush
The Gold Rush
1925United ArtistsThe Gold Rush9
1928United ArtistsThe Circus7
1931United ArtistsCity Lights9/87'first sound movie
1936United ArtistsModern Times85'
1940United ArtistsThe Great Dictator126'
1942United ArtistsThe Gold Rush72'sound version
1947United ArtistsMonsieur Verdoux123'
1952United ArtistsLimelight143'
1957Archway GBA King in New York108'
1967UniversalA Countess from Hong Kong108'color

all these titles are sorted excluding the article
(not all) alternate titles are in italics followed by the original title
you should be able to look these up in the chronological list above
SLY HINT: go after the year

The Adventurer1917
The Bank1915
Behind the Screen1916
Between Showers1914
The Bond1918
A Busy Day1914
By the Sea1915
Caught in a Cabaret1914
Caught in the Rain1914
The Champion1915
Charlie the Barber1919
Charlie Chaplin's Burlesque on Carmen1915
Charlie's RecreationRecreation
The Circus1928
The Count1916
The Cure1917
City Lights1931
A Countess from Hong Kong1967
Cruel, Cruel Love1914
A Day's Pleasure1919
A Dog's Life1918
Dough and Dynamite1914
Easy Street1917
The Face on the Barroom Floor1914
A Film Johnnie1914
The Fireman1916
The Floorwalker1916
Gentlemen of Nerve1914
Getting Acquainted1914
The Good for Nothing1925    His New Profession
The Gold Rush1925
The Great Dictator1940
Her Friend the Bandit1914
His Favorite Pastime1914
His Musical Career1914
His New Job1915
His New Profession1914
His Prehistoric Past1914
His Regeneration-
His Trysting Place1914
Hot FinishMabel at the Wheel
The Idle Class1921
The Immigrant1917
In the Park1915
A Jitney Elopement1915
The Kid1921
Kid Auto Races at Venice1914
A King in New York1957
The Knockout1914
Laughing Gas1914
Mabel at the Wheel1914
Mabel's Busy Day1914
Mabel's Married Life1914
Mabel's Punctured Romance1914Tillie's Punctured Romance
Mabel's Strange Predicament1914
Making a Living1914
The Masquerader1914
Modern Times1936
Monsieur Verdoux1947
The New Janitor1914
A Night in the Show1915
One A.M.1916
The Pawnshop1916
Pay Day1922
The Pilgrim1923
The Professor1919
The Property Man1914
The Rink1916
The Rival MashersThose Love Pangs
The Rounders1914
Shoulder Arms1918
The Star Boarder1914
Tango Tangles1914
Those Love Pangs1914
Tillie's Punctured Romance1914
The Tramp1915
Triple Trouble1918
Twenty Minutes of Love1914
The Vagabond1916
A Woman1915
A Woman of Paris1923

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