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Edgar Palm
en Otrabanda


Curaçao, 1984

Edgar Palm was the dean of Curaçao musicians; after his death, the Curaçao music academy was named after him.
Walking around in the old Otrabanda quarters of Willemstad, Curaçao, he tells his son Anthony anecdotes about their family members and other musicians who used to live in this splendid but sadly deteriorated neighborhood. It's intercut with photographs of the same barrio documenting its vitality and famous architecture, spiced up with live performances of Edgar Palm and his combo. Palm also explains the workings of the ka'i orgel, a tipiko Antiano street organ, down to how to arrange and prepare the music rolls for it.

Father and Son
Edgar and Anthony Palm

The movie was shot on Super-8 film, combined with 35mm slides.
The material has now been transferred to DVD and I'm restoring the 1990 video.
I don't mind telling you, there seems to rest a curse on this movie.
At least, the music is great.
But the rest is okay, as well. Stylized hairy, funny, entertaining and even touching.
If I may say so myself (nobody else says very much).
Subsidized by Sticusa.

Cosmic Comics

1972 for Real Free Press, Amsterdam
filmograph on the strip by Victor Moscoso

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