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The Bad Sleep Well
Wara Yatsu Hodo Yoku Nemuru

directed by
Akira Kurosawa

Toho Co., Ltd.
Japan 1960

I would not advise watching this movie on a rainy Sunday afternoon in November.
But if you like Kurosawa, you'll love this one. Very cynical.
Opens with a fancy dinner at a high society wedding. When the cake is wheeled in, it is in the form of a building an associate of the bride's father has recently committed suicide from, because of a business scandal; we take it from there.

Mifune is great here, for a change very subdued but intense as ever. There is one particular scene when his decision to stay honest or turn into a human being like the rest of us is really balanced on a knife's edge; wonderful. In other respects also very reminiscent of High and Low, especially as the newspaper guys are mostly the same actors.

I have only a few stills to offer. For now.


the wedding

How a still photographer can run into trouble
in a well-framed wide screen production




screenplay by

photographed by
music by
Tomoyuki Tanaka
Akira Kurosawa
Shinobe Hashimoto
Hideo Oguni
Ryuzo Kikushima
Eijiro Hisaita
Akira Kurosawa
Yuzuru Aizawa
Masaru Sato
Toshiro Mifune
Takeshi Kato
Masyuki Mori
Takashi Shimura
Akira Nishimura
Kamatari Fujiwara
Gen Shimuzu
Kyoko Kagawa
Tatsuya Mihashi
Koichi Nishi

151 minutes, B/W, Tohoscope

The Bad Sleep Well
Reflecting his fondness for American crime films and motifs, this Akira Kurosawa drama stars Toshiro Mifune as a young construction company executive who blames the company for his father's death and marries his boss's lame daughter in order to insinuate himself and expose their corrupt business practices.
This should be a widescreen version, but check anyway!
presently VHS only

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