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What's with those flags?

Good question. Most visitors here are from the USA, but a lot come from
Canada , the United Kingdom , Germany and elsewhere in Europe.

Welcome, Tommies, Pommies, Krauts, illegal aliens and allochtones!
You can buy locally and save on postage by clicking on the appropriate flag.
You Yanks and Rebs just click on the regular link. No worries about DVD-Region, NTSC/PAL and all that %$#*£.
Maybe this ugly solution even appeals to your patriotism. (Good answer, too, huh?)

If you don't understand appropriate, please leave us right now—
there's almost nothing on this site you would be interested in.

After a very short while, these flags became too distracting for words
and interfered with our austere style (damn patriotism, anyway)
so, gradually, they will be phased out and replaced with

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